What is a healthy lifestyle?

Ever since i was little i’ve always been slightly obsessed with food. I was into all sorts of food growing up and i was never a fussy eater. My mum would put a number of different dishes in front of me and i would pretty much always give them a go; and 9 times out of 10 i would really enjoy it. To be totally honest i was a little chubby from maybe the age of 5 until the age of 12/13. I remember going to my grandmas (everyone knows you put on like a stone after a visit to grandmas) and i almost felt ill every time i left because i ate so much! The food was so good that i actually couldn’t turn any of it down. I was never an un healthy weight or anything like that, but i probably ate a bit too much! When i went to high school and started playing pretty much any sport possible i realised how much of an impact food and physical activity has on the body and mind. Being physically active whilst having a good, healthy balanced diet can completely change you. It makes you feel good (because you know you’re eating good food), you begin to see physical changes (maybe a reduction in fat mass) and also you just feel super positive and happy! I think the most important thing in life is being comfortable in your own skin and body. We’ve all looked in the mirror and thought “ew i hate my body”, but this can make us think we have to over exercise and eat tiny amounts just be skinny or thin or the weight your latest magazine says you should be! It shouldn’t be like that! In order to be healthy in terms of physiologically as well as physically , it’s important to listen to your body. Regular exercise and having a balanced diet can do the world of good! Plenty of water also does wonders! Like i’ve said before its just important not to take it to the extreme where you feel guilty for having a piece of chocolate cake or a bag of crisps! Everything is good for you in moderation! Life shouldn’t be about being on specific diets that make you cut out all carbs or all fat etc, life is about eating well, doing exercise you enjoy and treating yourself to a big fat piece of cake if you want too!!!


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