In July summer 2016 I had an amazing 5 day holiday in the gorgeous Portuguese capital of Lisbon. I was lucky enough to get a hotel about 15 minutes away from the main square. After my first hour in Lisbon i had fallen in love! Everything about it gave me a magical holiday feel! The architecture, weather, people, scenery, sangria and of course the fabulous Portuguese food just made it a perfect get away. I had done my research before arriving in Lisbon, and i thought i knew what to expect with the food, but my gosh i was wrong! (in a good way don’t worry!). The food blew all my expectations out of the window. Me and my boyfriend would wander around the old streets of Lisbon for hours on an evening trying to choose a place to eat, as they all seemed so inviting! Each night we ate at a different place, all Portuguese of course. Each night i tried a different dish on the menu, and for a capital city the food was reasonably cheap, and excellent quality. (Around €8 -€12 per main meal).I tried Piri-Piri chicken (which Portugal is famous for) and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Each dish came with traditional sides like paella style rice, which was so yummy! Who knows how they made rice taste so good! But i have to say the meal that stood out the most had to be the fish stew. Lisbon is right next to the coast, which means all the seafood in the city was probably caught and served on the same day. The stew was packed with a number of different fish, but the prawns were to die for! It came in a huge traditional pot, which the waiters would leave on the side of your table, so you could scoop as much of the heavenly stew up as you wanted! (i polished the lot off!). I had a lovely glass of Mateus Portuguese wine to go with it (I’m on holiday right?) . All in all Lisbon was possibly the prettiest and most beautiful city i have ever visited, full of spectacular views and equally spectacular food! Thinking of going to Lisbon? DO IT!!


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