Best of British

I was so happy with this photo i took in my local grocery store! (silly, i know) Anyway i just wanted to express to you guys how important i think it is to support your local grocery stores and markets. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t get everything there and i’m not one to be massively against giant supermarkets. I’m totally guilty of shopping at big stores like Sainsbury’s and Aldi, and i truly think they are fabulous for a number of reasons. However i do think the British population should be a little more loyal and support our local businesses. We are extremely lucky that we have some of the best produce available right on our door step, yet we all whiz over the Sainsburys to do a weekly shop. I completely get that these stores are convenient and saves time; but why not visit your local grocery store and see all they have to offer! They will pretty much have an fresh fruit and veg you could possibly think of. But is it more expensive? The odd product can be slightly more expensive than a local supermarket, but not a crazy amount. Even if the majority of products were more expensive than supermarkets, i would still buy from my local store, as it is so worth it! The fruit and veg is fresh and tends to be sourced from your local area, and most definitely  from Britain. I think we underestimate the amount of amazing food Britain produces and i think theres no better way to show how fab this food is, than supporting your local store. Go and visit your local grocery store or market to sample some of the ‘Best of British’ food that our country has to offer!


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