“Life is too short to not eat good food”


Hi guys, i’m a 20 year old student and i’ve always had a real passion for food ever since i was of the age where i could appreciate good food! My grandma is an amazing cook and baker, and my parents aren’t too shabby either. I was brought up on great homemade food, with English, Mediterranean and Asian influences. I was privileged enough to travel around the world on family holidays and experienced some top food and fascinating cultures/cuisines. I’ve never been one to shy away from trying new food, which has been great for me when cooking and creating my own recipes. My boyfriend is English, with both his parents coming from Jamaica, so i’ve been super lucky to try some of the best home made Caribbean food! I love Caribbean food and i can truly say i’ve never tasted a bad Caribbean dish! This influenced my cooking loads, as i just wanted to chuck in loads of spices and experiment with new ingredients! It’s fair to say after meeting my boyfriend and trying all this fabulous food, i’ve become an expert at cooking chicken to a Jamaican standard! I currently live in Leeds, UK at university. This has given me pretty much no choice but to shop cheaply and make my food last! I shop at places like Aldi, Lidl and Sainbury’s. So it’ fair to say none of my recipes are packed full of madly expensive ingredients, which is always a bonus. I play hockey and i’m a member of my local gym, so i make sure i eat healthy and give my body the food it needs! I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog/recipes!


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